1. Limited Services 

We are only offer private sessions or semi-private (2:1) sessions for those from the same household. Our semi-private sessions for those from different households & group equipment classes have been removed from the timetable until government guidance on social distancing changes. 

2. Time between appointments

There will be a 15 minute gap between appointments to allow for cleaning & avoid the cross over of clients in the the waiting area. 

3. Personal Protective Equipment


- Masks will be worn by all instructors. 

- Face visors will be worn by all instructors. 

- Aprons will be worn by all instructors. 

- Gloves are optional as long as strict hand sanitising measures are being taken. If you instructor isn't wearing gloves & you would prefer them to wear them please ask your instructor. 


- Will be asked to wear a mask for hands on treatment sessions. 

- Mask are not required during Pilates session when the instructor can social distance. 

- If you choose to wear gloves please put these on at the studio & remove before you leave. 

4. Hand Sanitiser: 

Please use the hand sanitiser provided: 

 - Reception 

- Top of the stairs

- Up-stairs treatment room 

- Placed around the studio. 

5. Health check: 

Therapists / Instructors will be asked to record their temperature before arriving for their shift. We have a protocol in place to contact clients if an instructor develops symptoms of Covid-19. 

If you or someone you have come into contact with is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 you must self isolate for 14 day. Please inform us so that we can cancel your appointments. You will not be able to return to the studio until the end of the 14 day period. 

If you are unwell with any other illness you must not attend your appointment. Please contact the studio & let us know with as much notice as possible.

6. Arrival Protocol: 

Please arrive at the time of your appointment. 

Please be wearing a mask when you arrive (one will be provided if you do not have one with you).

If your instructor is not at the door to meet you, please call them to let them know you have arrived. At times there will be 2 therapists working in the clinic. To avoid cross over of clients please do not enter before you have been told it is clear to do so. 

We will take your temperature before you enter the clinic. 

Please use the hands sanitisers provided. If you chose to wear gloves please put these on after sanitising your hands & once you are inside the building. 

Please note that any material or canvas materials in the studio (ie hand / foot loops) have been covered so that they are now wipeable. 

To reduce cleaning during sessions & to help maintain social distancing you will be instructed on how to set up equipment & change springs on the reformer. The instructor will continue to do this for any clients who struggle to do this themselves. 

Covid-19 Protocol